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The above search URLs use two different strategies: search-by-tag (when possible), and search-by-keyword (otherwise).

In both cases, the search term varies. The tag might be fedwiki or fedwikihappening. The keyword might be sfw or fedwiki or federated wiki.

Maintaining a directory is an interesting use case for FedWiki. If you're not already here, you can fork this page and add yourself. In order to do that you'll want to consider which search strategy will best select the right set of posts from your blog. Search-by-tag will be most precise, and if you haven't already done so, adding the tag fedwikihappening would create the ideal affordance.

As we saw with Happening Folks, FedWiki lacks a Pull Request mechanism. That leaves us with two strategies for collaboratively maintaining this directory.

1. Nominate an authoritative copy

One person volunteers to watch the network for changes, and merge them. Others agree to regard that person's copy as the most complete and accurate.

2. Don't nominate an authoritative copy

Everybody watches the network for changes, and merges them.

Option 2 is a non-starter if the goal is to synchronize on a canonical page. Option 1 is viable but not optimal. The effort required for a coordinator to watch for and merge changes is substantially higher in SFW than in GitHub.

Is SFW simply the wrong tool for this job? Arguably yes. But also arguably no. Collaborative maintenance of directories on GitHub is not optimal either. There's fairly high overhead associated with creating and maintaining a family of repositories just to collaboratively maintain a single directory. But people do it. Here is an example: link .

SFW could handle that kind of workflow in a more lightweight fashion than GitHub does. Whether or how much it matters that SFW do so is, however, an open question.

On reflection there is a third way.

3. Don't nominate an authoritative copy, but follow one that emerges

That's what may be happening here right now. I did not explicitly volunteer to coordinate this directory. But I've been doing so. That tends to make this copy show up as newest in the Conversation Club.

If I fail to keep up with the task, another coordinator might or might not emerge. If one does, that will soon become evident.

4. Try taking bits of blogs yourself? See what I did in an hour Blog Bits 1.12.14